Inside scaffolding



This is a separate area of scaffolding production, which has its distinctive features to be observed on a mandatory basis. The inside of vessels, equipment, tanks, boilers, and other closed spaces is typically accessed via manholes the diameter of which is +/-500 mm. Such constraints greatly impact on the range of scaffolding members that can be used in such projects. For instance, scaffolding frames, prefabricated access decks with a hatch, trusses, and other large scaffolding members cannot be used because of their dimensions—they simply would not fit through manholes. In such cases, our engineers elaborate alternative (sometimes special) project-specific solutions. What it crucial in such projects is to ensure sufficient lighting, to design «airy» scaffolding, and to include perforated decking in the design in order to minimise obstacles on the way of the light flux. If we deal with explosive and fire-hazard environments, special copper hammers shall be used so as to prevent sparking during installation of scaffolds. It is important to emphasise that «SOYUZ» scaffolding has an intrinsic safety certificate, which confirms its fireproof design and a possibility to use it at extremely hazardous industrial facilities. Generally, such projects are executed at operating enterprises during shutdown maintenance, and the scaffolding assembly speed is of paramount importance for reducing the equipment downtime. This is why «SOYUZ» scaffolding is thought out down to the last detail in order to ensure the maximum installation speed and compliance with all occupational safety rules for works at heights.


Technical characteristics

Span length/width: 0.25/0.5/0.75/1/1.5/2/2.5/3/4/5/6/7 m

Structure height: 100 metres (calculation and a design are required)

Load: 200/300/450/600 kg/m²

Minimum diameter of the manhole: 300 mm