Bridge crossing



During construction and reconstruction, temporary prefabricated demountable bridges and flyovers are often needed in order to bypass obstacles, such as pits, roads, various utilities, and other structures. An advantage of «SOYUZ» scaffolding is that assembly of bridges and flyovers require 100%-standard scaffold members, which you can use, for instance, for facade scaffolding or scaffold towers. Spans of bridges and flyovers can reach 20 metres or more, and both vehicles and personnel can use them thanks to the high load-carrying capacity of members. Installation can be carried out on the ground, and then the finished bridge span can be put into the design position using a crane (preassembly). Moreover, prefabricated demountable bridge structures made of scaffolding are often used for reconstruction/restoration of stationary bridges and crossings as backup structures.


Technical characteristics

Length of the bridge span: 20 metres (calculation and a design are required)

Load: 200/300/450/600 kg/m²